Owl Woman, Continued…

First I poured boiling water into a cup filled with half a cup of black tea leaves.   I brought it to my studio to steep.  It’s still steeping.   Tomorrow I’ll use it to tea stain the face of Owl Woman.

Then I stitched her eye.  Two different browns, orange, metallic gold thread, and black marker for the pupil.

I woke up thinking about her.  From 6:15 to 7 am, still half asleep, I  pictured how I would stitch her eye and the color thread I’d use.  Then the idea of using the same twisted pink yarn I outlined my “Cloud Is A Whisper”  tree in, came to me.  I imagined how I would sew it down, by hand.  I saw her tea-stained face, darker than the tea staining I used on the woman in “Shield of Words“.

After that, in my mind,  I tried a few different ways of applying the pieces of applique, that I had removed from the quilt to her dress.  By the time I got up, I knew I would be sewing them down, using my free motions machine. I’d create a simplified feather design, leaving the edges untethered to give it a little extra dimension.

Sewing the “feather” to her dress


But by this afternoon, once I had actually sewed the feathers on, I moved onto the beak and owl eyes/breasts.


There was no question for me what the color of the beak should be.  I saw it immediately.

I had a piece of fabric just the right balance of orange/yellow, but then found a piece of one of the collages I’d made earlier.  It was the same color except it had some collage layering and I liked the weight and texture of it better than the fabric.

It’s on a piece of canvas with a layer of matt medium over it.  I wanted to stitch it down with embroidery thread, but it was so thick I had to poke holes in it.

You can’t see it in this photo, but the blue fabric I used for the eyes/breasts is iridescent.   I still have to sew the beads on at the centers, but I’m not completely sure about them yet.

This is what she looked like when I left my studio today.  I don’t have any concrete idea how I’ll deal with her arms, legs, and feet yet.  But I do know how to make her hair, so I’ll probably work on that next.


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