Face To The Sun


Fanny and Scotty taking in the sun

It seems the colder it is the bluer the sky and the warmer the sun feels.

I shivered as Zinnia jumped into the pond a transparent layer of thin ice covering most, but not all of it. She swam around as if glad to cool off.  I pulled my hat over my ears and covered my nose with my scarf.

On the Gulley Bridge,  I stopped to look at the ice that grew on the tips of the branches that bobbed on the surface of the stream.  When we got to the little waterfall it was so thick with ice, only the sound of water running under it was evidence that it still flowed.

But, as it usually does, the walk in the woods warmed me up

The donkeys and sheep followed us in from the pasture when we got back to the farm.  I know they were expecting food, but it wasn’t time to eat.  Instead, I sat on a rock in the sun like a snake, to hold onto the heat inside of me.

Soon the donkeys and sheep, realizing there was no food, settled for the sun too.  Even Fate eventually laid down next to me, giving up for the moment on “getting the sheep”.

I took my cue from the animals, tilted my face to the sun, and received its gift.

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