Josie’s Mittens

The mittens that Josie made.

Josie sent me this picture of the mittens she made using Rosemary’s wool and some alpaca yarn.  “They’re so soft and warm,” she wrote me, “…she will live on keeping us warm along with all of the lovely sheep that have lived on Bedlam Farm.”

It’s always so satisfying to see what the yarn from my sheep become.  It’s a beautiful natural cycle between all of us and the sheep.  I don’t knit or crochet, but knowing that the sheep’s wool brings people joy by being able to create with it, then wear what they make, is just how it should be.

It’s a far-reaching collaboration that benefits all of us who are a part of it.

6 thoughts on “Josie’s Mittens

  1. Well, it may have been a strange day, but what cozy news from a fellow crafter! Those mittens look snug and soft. It must be a great feeling to know what others are making from the resources you provide. What a sweet tribute to Rosemary.

  2. Happy Birthday, Maria!
    I receive so much from following your beautiful and inspiring blog. I am happy to give back with a small one time donation. I wish it could be more.

    My own custom (which I picked up when I lived among the Palestinian people) is to give gifts to my loved ones on MY birthday.
    I buy them all year, often from you! Items from you are always favorites! It doesn’t seem to make sense to get gifts. I used to love giving birthday presents to my Mom and Dad on my birthday…(if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have the joy of being me!)
    You can look for another donation from me in November!
    So grateful for the beauty you share!

    1. I really appreciate how you buy my art for gifts Susan. I try to do the same when buying gifts. And it’s a sweet idea to give on your birthday. Thank you for you donation and for reading my blog too.

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