I Made One Bird Potholder Today

I looked through my fabric for inspiration and found it in the birds sitting in golden rings.  But that was last week and it took since then for me to complete this one potholder.

I was stuck till this morning when I found the yellow print to border the potholder.  I was excited to make more of them, but as soon as I started to sew, my machine shut down. Motor Overload was the message that kept coming up on the digital screen.

I had a feeling it was the cold.  Over the weekend the temperature dropped below zero and didn’t get much warmer.

But I was determined to make potholders.

So I took out my 30-year-old Singer and plugged it in. It’s a simple machine and I was thrilled when it worked.  But, it too was cold.  It was so slow, I could have sewed the potholder by hand quicker.

After sewing the yellow print onto the potholder I knew I was beat and gave up on potholders for the day.

This afternoon I tried my sewing machine again this time it worked without a problem.  But by then I had moved on to working on my Owl Woman.  

Before I left my studio tonight I wrapped my sewing machine in one of my old quilts. I thought it would appreciate it.

8 thoughts on “I Made One Bird Potholder Today

  1. Maria,
    This potholder spoke to me— it is really beautiful. I would like to buy it if it is not sold. Let me know and the best way to pay you.

    I am amazed how connected I feel to the animals and their stories and the connections to you and Jon. Life is full of joy and sadness and that is the richness of life. For a short time, Scottie was a light into love and goodness. Thank you for sharing it all.
    in peace and gratitude, ❣️Carol

    1. Scotty certainly was Carol. He will always shine inside of me. Thank you for seeing it and writing. But the potholder is already sold. I do have more fabric and will be making more, so maybe you’ll see another you like.

  2. What a pretty potholder, Maria! :)
    A lot of people seem to be having a little trouble today…I see Jon has crashed, my ex in North Carolina has crashed, I’m feeling the cold, etc., etc. Maybe it’s because the barometer is dropping and as you say the cold is unbearable. I had to turn the heat up today, which is very rare. The wind is bitter. We don’t have a fireplace and I miss that. I always am concerned what we’d do in a power failure. At least with a fireplace you can huddle around it and keep somewhat warm! I always love seeing your working fireplace and the pooches lying blissfully in front of it! Here’s to better and warmer days! :)

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