Owl Woman Gets A Tree

When I couldn’t get my sewing machine to work this morning, I turned to my Owl Woman.  I knew what I needed to do next and I didn’t need a sewing machine to do it.

I sat at my work table, with Owl Woman laid out in front of me, and stitch by stitch I removed three of the appliques from the old quilt.

I knew there was going to be a tree next to Owl Woman, I had seen it there when I was falling asleep one night last week. I wasn’t completely sure what it would look like, but I figured that out today.

It’s still just pinned, now I have to sew it down.

I have some idea what will come after that, but I’m also going to ask for a dream tonight and see if something comes to me before doing anything else.

11 thoughts on “Owl Woman Gets A Tree

  1. Fast becoming one of my favorites; always makes me smile to see its development. Even the tree seems happy. To me, her breasts are also “eyes.” Just love this one.

  2. Maria, I just love your artwork and this one looks fabulous! I also enjoy your blog and photos as I do Jon’s..Thanks you both for sharing!

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