A Visit To My Studio

I usually have a favorite potholder when I design a batch.  This was mine for today.


12 thoughts on “A Visit To My Studio

    1. Fate doesn’t wag her tail often Barb. Usually only when she sees other people. Doens’t matter who they are, she love people. Otherwise she can be a serious dog. I’m glad you noticed. I wanted to get it in the video.

  1. Maria,
    I am a tad confused because it appears there are 2 Carol’s interested in this potholder.
    I love how many of us are so moved and inspired. When you can, would you clarify for me?
    ❣️Carol F, from Oak Park, IL

  2. Loved your video, Maria! The bird potholders are so lovely. If you do any more similar, please post or send pics so I can buy a couple. I’ve really enjoyed the potholder I bought last year.

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