Julz’s New Blog, Her Passion For Cooking, Writing and Life

Julz during a Bellydancing performance.  Her new blog is Julzie Style

I can remember the feeling of having a creative urge, to write or make something and not knowing what to do with it.   I never wanted to read anything I had written after it was finished, and I never like the idea of my art taking up space in the attic.

Having a blog has made all the difference when it comes to my creativity.  I finally have a place to put it all.  And even if no one bought what I made,  I’d still have this way of putting it out into the world.

And that’s important to me.

So when I see my friend and Bellydancing teacher Julz, writing every day, sometimes twice a day on her new blog Julzie Style I wonder how she kept it all in her for so long.

Julz’s blog is a creative explosion.

Although she’s been writing about cooking and  The Vermont Spatzle Company, the business she started with her husband Marty, on facebook for years, her blog is about more than just cooking.

Julz is a natural teacher so her writing about cooking is full of information and her very own recipes that she wants to share.

In her recent post “ A Kitchen Orchestra” she writes about how to plan a meal so everything comes at the same time, comparing the cook to a conductor.  She wrote a whole post on Compound Butter and another on Mother Sauces.

Both phrases I never even heard of before.

But you also get to know the person Julz is from her blog. You’ll meet her family, her dogs and get to see what goes on when she’s not cooking too.

When Julz texted me that she was starting a blog, I was excited for her.  Jon offered help with the writing and blogging part and they were soon on the phone.

Jon scares a lot of people away” I texted her, “but I think that’s because they don’t really want to learn.  They like the idea of writing but not actually doing it”. 

Julz wants to learn and has no trouble writing.  She’s a natural and has a lot to say.

Her voice is unambiguous, direct, and authentic. And her blog is imbued with her passion and unique way of doing and seeing things. Even in the short time it’s been live, Julz’s blog just keeps getting better.

You can click here to read Julzie Style.


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  1. Thanks for sharing Julz blog information. I love her writing and have subscribed. She’s a hoot and I can see why you would want to have her as a friend.

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