The Sun Speaks of Spring


With all the snow, it’s getting harder and harder for the animals to find anything to graze on.  But still, there’s a path leading past the apple tree and into the frozen marsh where the animals scrape through the snow to nibble on what they can find.

The donkeys have even started to chew on the low hanging branches of the apple tree.  I wrapped the trunk of the tree in chicken wire a couple of years ago so they can’t eat the bark off of it.

As cold and snow-covered as things are, the sun is warmer and I’m already thinking of spring.  That will be a disappointment, as it always is this time of year.  Spring is still far away.  But the longer days and higher sun speak of the end of winter.

2 thoughts on “The Sun Speaks of Spring

  1. I could’ve sworn I saw a robin fly across the road while I was driving yesterday although some consider the red winged blackbird’s arrival the more accurate portent.

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