A Walk Around Town With Zinnia

Jon went to the Gym and Zinnia and I went for a walk around town.  I can’t imagine walking Fate on a leash.  But Zinnia’s so easy going and Jon’s walked her on a leash on Route 22, with big trucks going by so I figured she’d be fine.

Today we walked around the town of Greenwich where Jon’s gym is.  We unknowingly headed right for the Battenkill which is much wider there than the part I swim in during the summer.

Along the banks was an old industrial park and an empty parking lot.  Empty except for the snow and a few strange things, like a couch.

I don’t get to walk around towns a lot.  But since I was a kid I always loved looking at houses and making up stories about the ones I found interesting.

It was delightful walking with Zinnia.  She was so good on the leash, walking next to me without pulling.  Maybe we’ll do it more often.

7 thoughts on “A Walk Around Town With Zinnia

  1. What an absolutely beautiful photograph.
    You are so fortunate to have a dog like Zinnia in your peaceable kingdom. They are all so special and each is so different. I suspect because I had a Lab (actually he was my son’s and he came to live with me) named Riley. I had never had a big dog before in my life as I had always had Shelties. Actually when Riley came to us he was the third in the pack and they all got along like peas in a pod. I do miss him so when I see Zin it brings back lovely memories. Anyway shortly after he died (at fifteen years of age) I lost one of my Shelties who was about the same age. Then I was left with just one dog, Henry. Since I don’t think dogs should be without a pal I got a small Labradoodle puppy who I named Oliver. I never had that breed before so this is a whole new world for me. He is the sweetest, but he has a mind of his own. Anyway, thanks for sharing this photo. You should print it as it would be so lovely hanging in the farmhouse. I’m glad you enjoyed your walk.

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