There’s More To Me

I have my pile of scraps and I’m piecing them together, making potholders….

….when I make this potholder, that doesn’t want to be a potholder.  It says, “I’m not done yet, there’s more to me.” 

And I know it’s true.  I like what I see so far, but this doesn’t work as a potholder.  I’m beginning to think quilt.  So I look through the scraps and….


And I know it’s one of these, but I can’t decide which.

It’s almost time for dinner then my Zoom Studio Chat with Emily.  A good time to walk away.  I’ll leave it for tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “There’s More To Me

  1. So many fun choices! I’m excited that this might evolve beyond a pot holder. The last of the two options leaves the strongest prints up against one another, which is quite energizing. Who knows what the neutral white and tan swatch will link to . . . Have fun Maria.

  2. Enjoying seeing some potholders again, I really liked the ones featuring a bird and dragonflies in the previous post. Plus I still get stupidly overexcited when I see a scrap I sent you included – the triangle bits that are turquoise with egg shapes on, are the bits I trimmed off, when I joined up the fabric for the binding strip on a quilt I made for my sister, and the ocean waves fabric came from one I made for my Mum.

    Your gut will guide you when you go back to it, but personally I prefer the brown maroon strip in the middle, with the roosters on the left, the second picture, it seems to bring out the red color in their bodies and tail feathers, and puts it closer to the pale blue triangle that is the other color they have a lot of in their bodies and tails.

    Enjoy a creative day.

    1. I do forget where so much of the fabric comes from Hannah. But I love hearing that you see what you sent me in my work. It brings you right into my studio. 🙂

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