Small Things, Through My Macro Lens

ice on the hay feeder

I began my day taking notice of something small.

As I cleaned the snow from the donkey’s hay feeder, I saw the lacey ice clinging to the top rail.  Too small to photograph with the lens on my iPhone, I went back to the house and got my macro lens.

Seeing small things continued on my walk in the woods and even once I was back home.  All of these photos were taken with my macro lens.  Everything I photographed was about a quarter of an inch or smaller.

Sap on a cherry tree with a pine needle stuck in it.
Blood in the snow

Yesterday I noticed an unusual amount of rabbit footprints in the woods, as if they all came out at the same time.  There were lots of circles in the snow, making it look as if they were playing.   I don’t know what brought them out.  Maybe they were looking for food, or maybe it had to do with spring and mating.

Today the footprints were covered over by fresh snow but I found spots of blood and tufts of rabbit hair in more than one place.

Snow fleas on a tuft of rabbit hair with drops of melted snow.
A tiny cat face on the end of a small piece of firewood.

4 thoughts on “Small Things, Through My Macro Lens

  1. How amazing! The ice looks like a glistening Rorschach blot, the sap looks like a golden frog enduring its ‘last straw’, the tuft of rabbit fur is sad but beautified by the snow drops (despite the *ick* of fleas), and the firewood looks like Grumpy Cat ran face first into it! And thank you – that was a great artistic mental shift from the computer drudgery of my workday.

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