Corona Kimono 2/25/21

My Corona Kimono, Jon getting vaccinated.

I can’t help feeling hopeful.  It may sound strange, considering there are now over 500,000 deaths from Covid 19.  But it does feel to me like things are beginning to change for the better.

Yesterday Jon got his first vaccination for the Coronavirus. I feel like I can finally relax a little knowing that he is going to be protected from the virus.

Also, knowing that if the Walgreens in our little upstate NY town is getting vaccinations (that’s where Jon was vaccinated) then other small towns and big cities must be getting more vaccines to distribute too.

I’m one of the last on the list to get vaccinated, and I don’t expect things to get back to normal for a very long time,  but I still feel like things are moving along.

A couple of nights ago I had a dream where once again I was in a room crowded with people I didn’t know and no one was wearing a mask.  In the past when I dreamed this I was terrified. (My last Corona Kimono entry was about this nightmare)

But this time, instead of being scared, I just assumed that if no one was wearing a mask it was because it was safe not to anymore.

I didn’t take this dream as a premonition, but as my personal fear about the virus subsiding.

This doesn’t mean Jon and I aren’t being careful anymore.

We will continue to wear masks, social distance, and wash our hands.  Just last week I spoke to a friend who found out that she had the virus in December.  She tested negative at the time, but a recent test showed that she has covid 19 antibodies.

I think the warmer weather, longer days, and feeling of spring help too.  But ultimately, not having that constant low lying worry about the possibility of Jon getting the virus has made all the difference.

My Corona Kimono so far You can see my latest entry on the bottom left

3 thoughts on “Corona Kimono 2/25/21

  1. Maria, this kimono is worthy of a museum showing. It is simply beautiful!. I’m in awe

    Susan Sawatzky, Port Townsend, WA

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