Jon, Fate and The Donkeys Out My Studio Window

Jon feeding the donkeys out my studio window.  Notice the Chickadee on the branch eyeing the birdfeeder.

I smile as much now looking at this picture of Jon as when I looked out my studio window and saw him. Fanny and Lulu enticed him to give them a treat as they often do.

“I need to borrow Fate,” Jon said to me this afternoon.  “Sure, I told him,” just send her back when you’re done.”

Jon was testing out his new idea of training Fate to come in from the barnyard. Something she never really wants to do.  He wrote about it on his blog today.  I’m glad to say, his very basic and simple idea of saying the word “treat” to get her to come is working.

But just as much, I love to look out my window and see Jon with Fate, feeding the donkeys and filling up the water bucket while the sun is shining and the ice is melting.


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