Fish Tank Make-Over

Every few months, Jon and I do a fish tank make-over.

This time we took out a lot of the gravel which was too thick on the bottom of the tank and removed one plant that was putting too much algae into the tank.

I’m continuing to remove the ramshorn snails.  They reproduce quickly especially when there’s a lot of food for them to eat, and they were beginning to take over the tank.

I have a fishbowl next to the tank where they will live out their lives.

I read if they aren’t overfed they’ll be slower to reproduce.  This way I can also easily keep an eye out for their eggs and remove them before they hatch.

We got a few new plants to replace the old one.  And a few Tetras and a Pleco, which is a bottom feeder.  He loves to hang out in the roots of the tree.

Above is one of the Bambo shrimp and my Mystery Snail, Socrates on the truck of the tree.  The Shimmer Fish spend their time all together treading water under the tree too.

The small white dots on the tree are Nerite Snail eggs.  They need saltwater to hatch, so we don’t have to worry about the tank being overrun by baby Nerite snails.

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