Merricat On The Move

There’s a well-worn path that leads from the barnyard under the apple tree and to the frozen marsh where the sheep have been grazing as best they can.

When I got back from my walk with Fate and Zinnia, the sheep started making their way back to the barn hoping, no doubt, that I would feed them again.

4 thoughts on “Merricat On The Move

  1. I like the way she waited for you to catch up and give her a close-up! She has such a pretty face; a little reminiscent of that beauty queen, Rosemary. Is Merricat the same breed, or was Rosemary’s a curlier coat?

    1. She is the same Breed Amy. But yes, Rosemary’s wool was very curly. None of the other Romneys I have have that kind of wool. I’d have to agree about her being a beauty though. 🙂

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