Painting The Bathroom


Zinnia was good enough to leave her toy bone in the bathroom while I was painting.

We had the bathroom sink put in months ago.  Since then, just about every weekend I’ve been saying that I was going to paint it.

A month later I got the paint and it sat around for a few weeks more.

I was going to paint the sink cabinet the same color as the walls, but as the weeks went by I decided it should be red.

I don’t know why I chose to paint the sink today, but this morning I went into the basement and pulled out a can of red paint.  I mixed it with some yellow paint to soften it up a bit and started painting.

But I still had the quart of tangerine I bought to paint the sink.  I did a few touch-ups to the bottom half of the wall and soon saw the whole thing could use a new coat of paint.

So that’s how I spent a good part of the day, painting the bathroom.

I don’t expect it to be all done till tomorrow when the paint is dry and I can touch up my mistakes.

Feels good to finally have it done.

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