Owl Quilt Continued

I already had the next pieces of fabric of my Owl Quilt laid out when I left to meet Jackie.  So when I got back home aftward, I made a few adjustments and sewed it together.

Then I added a strip of fabric to the right side of the quilt and the plaid border.

This is what I’m thinking happens next…

….but who knows. In the morning I might see and feel something different.

9 thoughts on “Owl Quilt Continued

  1. It’s wonderful to watch your process. I have a neighbor who makes quilts as well and I would like to learn! At this point, it all seems so mysterious, though 🙂

    1. I just start with two piece of fabric and sew them together Therese, then keep adding to it. There are so may ways to make a quilt, but this way works for me. It’s mostly about trusting your intuition.

  2. How lovely and appropriate on World Wildlife Day! And Happy World Wildlife Day to the two newest wildlife rescuers!

  3. Just beautiful! We had a Great Horned Owl hanging around our neighborhood. Many of the neighbors heard it. Then early one morning, one of the neighbors got the coolest photo of it on top of the lamppost across from our house. It’s on my Facebook page if you’d like to see it. It’s so magical!
    Owls have been showing up in some shape or form so much for me lately!

    1. I’m sure you’re finding lots of meaning in the owls showing up Barb. I’ll check out your fb page to see the owl. I’m imagingig a wonderful photo.

  4. I have a neighbor who is a fabulous quilter. She even quilted her family tree. It is huge, beautiful and intricate.
    She shows at various quilt shows and belongs to a quilting group.
    I used to do needlepoint and loved it, but I haven’t done it for years. I have a lot of colorful, beautiful yarn. I have mine and my late mothers. She was quite talented. She did a bench that could be used as a coffee table, and panels for a screen.
    She tried all sorts of things ; she took up knitting and made a huge quilt for my brother and she made a sweater for me.
    I love the owl quilt. It’s colors are soft and soothing. It has a gentle feeling like the owl you rescued. I think she came to you for a purpose. Maybe becoming a wildlife rehabilitator is why she came. What a wonderful gift she has given you.

    1. Maybe you’ll take up needlepoint again Jane. I’d think I would be a natural, especially during the pandemic. And I think you’re right about the owl.

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