Barn Owl Quilt…

I finished designing my Barn Owl Quilt today.  Now for the backing and batting.

I can’t help but connect it to Jon and me becoming Wildlife Rehabilitators.  Like so many things the process is slower because of the Pandemic.  But we began filling out the paperwork and are now gathering some of the equipment we’ll need, like heavy-duty gloves, a net, and carrier.  We still have to meet with one of the Rehabilitators and eventually take a test given by the DEC.

It feels like an adventure that Jon and I are embarking upon. I’m both excited and nervous about it, so I know it’s something that will take to me a place I haven’t been before.

But I feel like this quilt, as well as my Owl Woman marks the beginning and continuing process. And I have a feeling more work will come from the experience.

My Barn Owl Quilt is sold.

3 thoughts on “Barn Owl Quilt…

  1. This is stunning. It makes me so happy to imagine someone enjoying that sweet owl face year after year. The tree is a delightful balance. The whole design is magical, and provocative (with some unexpected touches), and comforting at the same time. Do you accept fabric donations?

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