Good Natured Jon

I made this yesterday while talking to my friend Mandy on the phone.  I was watching the birds out my window and they came into the drawing.  They seem happy to me.

I sewed the backing on my quilt and got ready to tack it.  But first I was going to drive Jon to a doctor’s appointment.  We expected to be back by 4:30.  My plan was to work on my quilt when we did.

But it turned out that Jon had a wound on his toe that was ulcerated.  By the time the necessary procedure was done Jon had a special shoe to wear for at least a week, antibiotics, and a bandage that needs to be replaced every day.

I don’t usually go to Jon’s appointment with him, but I was glad that I went to this one.  Not only for emotional support, but I think it would have been uncomfortable for him to have to drive home.

The nice part is that Jon is really good-natured when unexpected things like this happen to him.  He’s doesn’t complain but he’s not being stoic, just accepting.  And he has a high pain tolerance so he bears all his surgeries, and there have been many in the past months, well.

Although as he read me the post-op instructions he did try to slip in that I was supposed to wait on him hand and foot for several days.

We both had a good laugh about that.

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