Breakfast For Lori and Her Lamb

We’ve named Lori’s lamb Robin, after Jon’s Granddaughter.  It also happens to be a good name to welcome in the spring.

Robin the lamb is a ram.  We’ll call a vet on Monday to come and give him the vaccinations he’ll need, dock his tail and talk about when to castrate him.

His father is a Purebreed Romney like Lori, so Robin is too.

This morning Robin had a sticky orange stool, which is a healthy sign for a lamb. He’s having no trouble nursing and now that they have bonded,  Lori is a calm and patient mother.

If you listen closely to the video, you can hear the sound of Robin suckling.

8 thoughts on “Breakfast For Lori and Her Lamb

  1. Happy Birthday to Robin! I love how his tail twirls around when he nurses. I’ve seen that happen when does nurse their fawns and then mom licks their butts to get them to eliminate. I hope Robin stays well and thrives. How exciting to have a new baby at the farm!

  2. Will little Robin make an appearance on the Pandemic Kimono, do you think? I think he and the vaccine make excellent ‘March anniversary’ presents.

  3. I love the name. So perfect for the arrival of spring. And to boot, Jon’s granddaughter. And that tail! I could watch it all day long. I have a hunch you could too.

  4. What a sweet baby you and Jon have:) Wishing Mom and baby the best. I can no longer have sheep, but I sure enjoy watching Robin’s tail switch back and forth.

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