Barn Owl Quilt, Flying Home

Barn Owl Quilt

224 knots.  I never thought to count how many small pieces of yarn I use to tack my quilts, but today I became curious.

Of course, it depends on the size of the quilt.  But my quilts tend to be all about the same size, somewhere around 75″x 82″.  I don’t do this intentionally.  I think it has more to do with the size of my studio.

Who knows what size my quilts might be if I had more floor and wall space.

I did finish tacking my Barn Owl quilt today.  It was long in the making.  I laid out some pieces of fabric for it even before the Screech Owl landed outside my studio window a couple of weeks ago.

But it was the Screech Owl who got me moving on the quilt.

I title, sign, and date each of my quilts.  Although I don’t think my first quilts are signed.  If I remember correctly, I hand embroidered my initials on some of my quilts.  Then when I got my free-motion sewing machine it became so easy to sign them, I never stopped.

Barn Owl Quilt will be flying home this week.


3 thoughts on “Barn Owl Quilt, Flying Home

  1. Wow..the color is so different in these two photos…I wasn’t sure it was on the same quilt…
    It’s gorgeous!!

    1. Yes, Gloria, the picture of the signature I took on my desk in the sunlight. The colors do vary with the lighting. But it’s also close up. The color in the whole quilt is more accurate.

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