Lori, Robin and Me, Getting Comfortable

Jon and Robin

The vet was supposed to come this afternoon to give Robin his vaccinations and dock his tail, but he had to postpone till Wednesday.

This morning when I went into the barn Robin and Lori were both laying down (as you can see in my Monday Morning video).  At first, I was worried that something was wrong when they didn’t get up.

But Jon assured me that it’s because they’ve become comfortable with me being there.  Of course, that makes sense, but I think I don’t completely trust that they’ll both really be okay.

Although every day that they are, it becomes easier for me to believe.

One thought on “Lori, Robin and Me, Getting Comfortable

  1. Lori needs to be wormed—it would have been best to do it right after Robin as born. Do you have wormer? If not, you can get it at Tractor Supply.

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