Glad To Be Shit On

Robin and Lori in their stall in the barn.

More and more when I go into the barn, Robin and Lori are resting.  All of today, I didn’t see Robin nursing even when Lori got up to eat.

I thought this unusual,  so this afternoon I climbed over the hay bales that we put up as a barrier to keep Lori and Robin in the stall and squatted down next to Robin.  I wanted to see if I noticed anything out of the ordinary.

That’s when I saw the clump of hard orange feces,  about three-quarters of an inch thick, stuck to his tail.

I already discovered that this color and consistency of feces is normal for a lamb.  But it was so hard and the way it stuck to his tail, I worried that it was blocking his ability to defecate.

So I got some warm water and a rag and tried to wipe it away.  But it didn’t budge.

Jon was at the gym so I couldn’t ask him about it.  Instead, I Googled it.  It seems this is pretty common.  A lamb’s feces is so hard and sticky it can block the anus.  Some people recommended using a swiss army knife to remove the feces.  And a couple of people said they had dogs that were good at doing the job.

I wasn’t ready to see how either worked.  I decided to wait for Jon to get home so we could do it together.

I read that the feces is almost impossible to get off of clothes so Jon put on an apron and I wore an old sweatshirt.  We got some more warm water, a rag, and a scissor.

I wasn’t comfortable trying to cut the feces off Robin’s tail, but Jon had no problem doing it, so I brought Robin outside where the light was best.

As soon as I picked him up, I felt his full belly and as I walked out of the barn he deposited a load of orange poop all over my hand and sweatshirt.

I’ve never been so happy to be shit on.

Now that we knew he wasn’t blocked, Jon gingerly scraped most of the feces from Robin’s tail to keep it that way.

Tonight when I went to check on Robin and Lori in the barn, they were cuddled up next to each other resting peacefully.


6 thoughts on “Glad To Be Shit On

  1. When I accepted custody of a bunny, I knew nothing about them and they actually have a similar problem. Poor old Joely had this “thing” on him so I rushed to a vet (off hours, as usual in an emergency) and did I feel stupid when they said “oh that’s just poop”. It turned hard like a rock. They cleaned him up but after that I always wiped my bunny’s bums! I kind of miss them. They were sweet.

    1. I had no idea it was the same with baby bunny poop Carolyn. I love that you took him to the Vet. And now you and the rest of us are wiser for it.

  2. Squirrels too! Once had one block up. Put a warm cloth to the area until it released. Then a large amount of feces came out smelling like elephant poop! I was so happy he was on the mend!

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