The fabric I left on my floor last night.  The hand painted pieces on the left were made by Emily Gold and the batik print on the right is made by Carol Conklin.  Both have some old quilt squares with them.

Yesterday as I was cleaning my studio, I pulled a few pieces of fabric from my piles and put them aside.

After I was done cleaning, I laid them on my floor.  I wasn’t ready to begin working yesterday, but when I got into my studio this morning, I began with the grid of Emily’s painted fabric and the old quilt squares.


Sometime last year, at the beginning of the Pandemic, Emily gave me the painted fabric pieces. We, like so many people, were working on being hopeful.  Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t.

I’ve been think of Emily’s “hope” paintings as I’ve come to know them, since then.  But it was only this morning that I knew I would be making something with them.

In one of my piles of fabric, I had two birds that I quickly drew on a piece of linen a couple of months ago.  The seemed the perfect addition to Emily’s painted pieces.

But I wanted to sew them. So I found a couple of old linen napkins laid a piece of red fabric under one along with batting and backing and drew the first bird using my sewing machine.

The first bird

Then I cut away the white linen to reveal the red beneath it.

Then I made a green bird…

…and started putting them together…

I wanted to keep the uneven shapes of Emily’s painted pieces, so I’m adding fabric to them….

This is as far as I got today.  More tomorrow.

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