Robin Tests Out His Legs

It was so warm today I decided to move Lori and Robin into the big stall and clean out theirs.  For the first time, maybe because he had more space to move in, Robin started hopping around, bouncing on his long legs as lambs do.

Not only was it fun to watch, but I could see just how healthy he really is.

There are too many places in the big stall that Robin could slip through, so I couldn’t leave them there.  Also it’s sure to get cold again tonight and he’ll appreciate the cozy and warm smaller stall.

Robin cuddled in his hay “nest” a couple of hours after his big day out.

8 thoughts on “Robin Tests Out His Legs

  1. Wonderful, I love how they wag their tails when nursing, I bet a scene like this was hard to imagine when you first found Robin, so cold you weren’t even sure he would make it, or that Lori would ever accept him, look how quickly things have turned around, you and Jon should be proud of the way you sprung into action, and probably saved his life! They’re going to keep us smiling for months to come!

  2. Maria, Thank you for the video, I enjoyed it so much. Robin doesn’t get very far from Mama, does he? I look forward to seeing more.

  3. The Lamb
    Little Lamb who made thee
    Dost thou know who made thee
    Gave thee life & bid thee feed.
    By the stream & o’er the mead;
    Gave thee clothing of delight,
    Softest clothing wooly bright;
    Gave thee such a tender voice,
    Making all the vales rejoice!
    Little Lamb who made thee
    Dost thou know who made thee

    Little Lamb I’ll tell thee,
    Little Lamb I’ll tell thee!
    He is called by thy name,
    For he calls himself a Lamb:
    He is meek & he is mild,
    He became a little child:
    I a child & thou a lamb,
    We are called by his name.
    Little Lamb God bless thee.
    Little Lamb God bless thee.

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