The Vet Visits Robin

Lori and Robin this afternoon in the big stall with Fate outside, looking in.

The vet was just here to check Robin over and dock his tail.  When we lambed in 2014 Jon cut the tails of our lambs with a special hot clipper.  This time the vet put a band around Robin’s tail.

He said it’s less painful this way. It definitely less bloody.  This way, the tail quickly goes numb and in a week or so falls off.  It does make me cringe a bit, but I know it’s necessary.

After his tail is docked, Robin will no longer have the same problem of his feces getting stuck on it which can cause lots of problems.

I can’t say Robin was happy about the band on his tail or the shots he got.   We’ll have him castrated in three months.

When I looked in on him, before the vet left,  Robin was turning round and round, kicking up hay to make a bed.  Much like the dogs dow when they circle and scratch at their beds before laying down.

If it’s warm again tomorrow, I’ll put Robin and Lori in the big stall or maybe even in the pole barn with the gates closed for a while, so he can do some more of that hopping around that lambs are so good at.

6 thoughts on “The Vet Visits Robin

  1. I would send you a Little Bo Peep costume, but she lost her sheep, and you seem to keep finding more and more. ; -)

  2. An old rhyme:

    Mary had a little lamb
    It’s fleece was black as soot
    And every where that Mary went
    It’s sooty foot it put.

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