Barn Owl Quilt On The Guest Bed

Barn Owl Quilt

I put my Barn Owl Quilt in the mail this morning.  And as usual, before folding it up and putting it in a box,  I laid it on the bed in the guest room to run a lint roller over it and cut off any loose threads.

I thought the Trompe L’oeil effect of the owl peering out of a dark barn worked even better than when the quilt was hanging on the wall.

12 thoughts on “Barn Owl Quilt On The Guest Bed

  1. Thank you for not skipping this step. This is a beautiful creation. Collectively your artwork, in the form of pot holders and quilts and fiber art pieces, is deeply enlivening to view. (And that’s not even a full account of your artistry, which also includes your sketches, photographs, and your lyrical writing.) This quilt is more muted in color than is typical, but the energy is divine. Some lucky person will be enjoying this for a long time to come and hopefully handing it down to be enjoyed for decades more.

  2. I think this quilt is my favorite of yours since I started following quite a while ago. The owl, the tree in the lower left, it just all goes together so well.

  3. I have just been fascinated by your quilt. By the owl looking our the window! It’s like there are shutters on the window. Then in my mind, I saw the tree and thought that is where he is going next. Flying over the grassy looking fields. I could go on but just wanted you to know how much this affected me. Like a whole story. I am in awe of your creativity.

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