Zinnia And The Snakeskin

The snakeskin I took a picture of with my macro lens a couple of weeks ago, came into the house on a piece of firewood.  Zinnia found it and didn’t seem to be sure if it was alive or not.

6 thoughts on “Zinnia And The Snakeskin

  1. I like the way Bud lets Zinnia take the lead…”you bite it, I’m not gonna bite it! Is it okay, huh, huh, huh???”
    Looks like Zinnia was planning to eat it at the end of the video?

  2. That was interesting to watch! I wonder why Zinnia was so cautious. I wasn’t sure if she was trying to play with it or kill it. And it looks like she didn’t want to share it with Bud. Has she had a bad experience with a snake?

    1. I think she probably smelled the snake but didn’t really know what the skin was. I think the movement of it confused her too since even her breath seemed to make it move. I don’t know if she’s ever encountered a snake before. If she did I’m sure it was harmless. I have seen Bud go after snakes. He likes anything that moves.

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