Hope Quilt Continued

I continued working on my “Hope” quilt today.  The uneven shapes of Emily’s paintings,  inspired me to use diagonals.

After I sewed  the indigo fabric on the bottom, I had to remove it to fit in the old quilt square.

This is as far as I got today.



2 thoughts on “Hope Quilt Continued

  1. Hope has flown? Nah. Hope returns? Might be. Perhaps harbingers of hope! I’m always mindful of which direction animals are moving in a pattern, Maria. Are you? You had me thinking. Eventually these birds heading away from the branch made me consider the Polynesians and their epic voyages through vast expanses of water in the hopes of finding a new home. The flight of birds overhead was one of the first signs that they were getting close to an island–a tiny speck of land whose existence might have been foretold of in a dream or vision, if that. Other than the birds there would be perhaps a gathering of clouds or a different feel to the current running beneath their wooden vessels. So now I’m seeing those birds as a sign of safety near at hand. I can imagine them flying off shore to search for food and providing hope to those voyagers for whom land is still out of sight, but a whole new way of life is near at hand.

    And also, beautiful colors there. Those are special pieces you are working with. : )

    1. Thanks for your thoughts Donna. I do like the idea of them as a sign of safety. I was thinking of the birds having enough hope to be free, and fly off.

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