A Thirty Second Meditation

My first attempt at taking a Thrity Second Meditation today was thwarted first by Fate then by Zinnia.

It was a thin curl of white birch bark caught on a stick, lifting and falling in the wind.  But as I was taking the video, Fate stepped on the bark then Zinnia ate it.

For my second attempt, I brought both dogs back to the farm and closed the gate that leads to the woods.  But halfway back to the little waterfall where the last of the ice clung to a log, Zinnia showed up at my side.

So I let her come along, trusting that she’d do as I asked and wait patiently for me to take my video.

And she did.

It took me a while to get the right video but in that time,  Zinnia didn’t run through the water or bring me a bone she found in the woods, or eat the ice I was filming.

We were gone long enough for Fate to leave her sheep and come looking for us.  But by then, I had gotten my video and was already heading back to the farm.

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