Coming Home To Spring

The view I woke up to out my window

Last night when I tried to log onto my blog, an error message came up.  The same happened with Jon’s blog so I knew it was a glitch with our WebHost and that it would be fixed by the morning.  

I was glad I at least put up the video earlier.   It’s felt strange to only have one post on my blog for the day when I went to bed, but here it is, the next day and back to normal again. 

This is one of the things  I didn’t get to write last night…

It was about a month ago that Jon heard me muttering to myself and yelling at the dogs.  “We need a vacation,” he said and got right on the phone to called the Inn in Vermont that we have been going to since we first met.  They had a special deal for the end of March and we grabbed it.

It’s not that I never yell at the dogs or mutter to myself,  but I think Jon was feeling a similar weariness that I was.

When Robin was born a week and half ago, we talked about postponing the trip.  But he’s doing so well, and we have a pet sitter who has worked on a farm for years so there’s no reason not to go.

Tomorrow afternoon we’ll leave for three nights and be back on Sunday afternoon.

I’m ready to sleep late for three days in a row and hang around with nothing to do except what we feel like doing.  I’ll bring a few books, so I have a choice of what to read and the little book that Kitty gave me to draw in.

Yesterday there was a Red-Winged Blackbird couple at the feeder for the first time.  Today we’ll pick up Jon’s car from the body shop (it’s been there over a month) and drop off the rental car he got after his accident.

All these endings and beginnings. When we get back it will be Spring.

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