How I Sell My Quilts

Working on my Hope quilt

Debra sent me an email asking how I sell my quilt.  She said it seemed they were often sold before I finished making them. She also wondered how much I sell them for.

I replied to her email, but it got bounced back to me and I have no other way of contacting her.  Then I thought if Debbie was wondering about my quilts, other people might be too.

So this is how it works.

My quilts are usually around 75″x 82″ and are $400-$425 + $25 shipping.

Since I write about my process when I’m making a quilt, you all get to see it as I’m working on it.  Often someone, and sometimes more than one person, will email me and say they’re interested in the quilt.  Some people want it from the first post, but I always like to finish a quilt since it can change in unexpected ways as I’m working on it.  And I’m never sure of the exact size till I finish it.

So I offer the first person who emails me first dibs on the quilt.  When it’s done I email them with a  photo of the finished piece and if it still works for them, it’s theirs.

If not I offer it to the next person who emailed me or put it up for sale on my blog.

So if you see something that I’m working on, from a Fabric Painting to a Potholder, and think you may want to buy it but don’t want to commit to it till it’s done, just email me or leave a comment on my blog and let me know.

And of course, I’m always happy to answer any questions you might have about my work.


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