Visiting Robin

Jackie held her hand out to Robin to let her get her scent.

Jackie sat on a hay bale behind Robin who was resting under the heat lamps.  She slowly and quietly reached one hand out and gently scratched Robin’s back.  Robin sat contently, obviously enjoying the little massage.

Since he was born Robin has had visitors.  As she has lifted the spirits of so many people who read my blog, I knew she could do the same for some of my friends.  Carolyn, who loves all animals was the first to visit.  Anne stopped by after bring her old and ailing cat to the Vet.

Julz wrote about her visit on her blog. Even though she’s been afraid of most animals since a bad experience when she was a kid, she wanted to see Robin.  And during her visit, when she brushed up against Lori and realized that Lori was hardly paying attention to her,  she learned to be a little less afraid.

I’m constantly moving when I’m around Robin now. Hauling hay, and buckets of water.   Cleaning up with brooms and shovels.  Holding him for the unpleasant things like cutting poop off his tail and getting shots from the Vet. He gets out of my way when he sees me now.

That’s why I was so impressed with how comfortable he was with Jackie.  It was lovely to see them together, Jackie quietly cooing and Robin enjoying the attention.

I need to do more of that, I thought when I saw them peacefully interacting. It will be good for both of us.

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