On Our Way

Robin and Fate are getting to know each other through the gate.

Lori and Robin are snug in their stall and the rest of the sheep and Fanny and Lulu will have the run of the pole barn while we’re gone.

Robin is getting bigger every day, he has to bend his front legs when he’s nursing under Lori.   I bet he’ll be noticeably bigger when we get back.

I’m bringing Carl Safina’s Becoming Wild and Patricia Lockwood’s new book No One Is Talking About This to the Inn.  I also have a couple of short stories by Karen Russell and an essay by Helen McDonald that I’m bringing to read to Jon.

For drawing, I have the little book that Kitty gave me, a pencil and a sharpener.

As soon as Jon’s car is ready we’ll be on our way.  I still have a few things to do before we go, like bring in firewood and bring out the garbage.

I’m planning on taking a vacation from the internet too.   We’ll be back on Sunday, so see you then.


7 thoughts on “On Our Way

  1. Robin’s tail looks shorter. Did that constrictive band do it’s job? It must be weird to find a tail lying on the floor.

    1. It’s still attached Barbara, but yes, it will be weird. The last time we had lambs Jon docked the tail by clipping it with a hot clipper that cauterizes it at the same time. I’m not sure which is worse of better…

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