Robin’s First Time In The Barnyard

When we came home from our trip Robin was standing on top of the haybale in the stall, something he never did before. It was so warm out and Robin had so much energy, we decided to let him and Lori out into the barnyard while Jon and I watched.

The sheep got to know each other again, sniffing Lori like she had just come to the farm.  Asher and Issachar were especially gentle with Robin, even when he tried to nurse from Issachar.

Constance was curious and she gave Robin a little head butt, showing her dominance.

It was good to see Lori go back to Robin when he called out to her after walking away from him.  If she took off he might have a hard time keeping up with her.

After a little while, Lori went back to the pole barn with Robin behind her and we closed the gates so they could be alone together.

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