Making Robin On The Hay Bale Potholders

I’ve been working on my Robin On The Hay Bale Potholders all day.  I have orders for 12 and will make a couple extra to sell in my Etsy Shop.

If I have time before going to get my Covid Vaccine and then Bellydancing, I’ll have Jon take a video of me making one.  Kim asked if I could show how I draw the potholders with my free-motion sewing machine and I think it’s a nice idea.

If not today, then I’ll do it tomorrow.

Each drawing is original, so they are all slightly different.  I do sometimes make mistakes and have to remove stitches, but after I’ve made five or six of them, they usually come more easily.

2 thoughts on “Making Robin On The Hay Bale Potholders

  1. I love the expressions. In some of these Robin appears to be smiling and in others he has a rather quizzical expression. Either way you have shown an adorable lamb in a most creative way.

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