Corona Kimono March 25, 2021

My Corona Kimono

There was a mix-up when Jon first signed up to get his Covid Vaccine.  First, he tried to make an appointment online,  but never got confirmation.  So he called Walgreens and told them and they made an appointment for him over the phone.

Because of a computer error, it turned out he had two appointments.  The pharmacy never corrected the error and it strangely worked out in my favor.

New York State opened vaccines up to people 50 and over yesterday.  I tried to make an appointment online, but Walgreens hadn’t updated the guidelines yet.  So when Jon called the pharmacist with a question, he asked about making an appointment for my vaccine.

The pharmacist looked to see if there were any cancellations and saw that Jon’s two appointments were still in the system.

He was scheduled to get his booster the next day, but his other appointment was for that day at 5pm.

That’s how I got my covid vaccine the day it was opened up to people in my age group.

When I think back to last year at this time, I never would have imagined that I’d be getting vaccinated for the Corona Virus a year later. It’s almost hard to remember the uncertainty and fear so many of us were feeling.

But when I look at the images on my Corona Kimono, it all comes back to me.  With every drawing, each word, every stitch, I am flooded with memories, with what I was feeling at the time.

There’s not much space left on my Corona Kimono.  I will have been working on it for a year in April.  The idea of finishing it is in a way like the idea of being fully vaccinated.  Hard to believe that that at some point soon it will be over.

I stitched me getting my vaccine on the opposite side of the Kimono from the entry of Jon getting his.  Jon got his booster today, the day after my first shot.
You can see my latest entry on the bottom of my Corona Kimono. 
My Corona Kimono from May 27, 2020, when I first started making entries on the front of the Kimono. You can follow my Corona Kimono back to the beginning here. 


5 thoughts on “Corona Kimono March 25, 2021

  1. I’m glad you were able to get your vaccination, Maria! NY state is light years ahead of us so I’m just lying low until our three levels of government get their acts together! 🙂 My sister who has comorbidities is able to get her first shot tomorrow.

  2. This is an outstanding piece of work! It’s a history lesson/social commentary/tribute to a challenging year all in one…

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