Backing my “Hope” Quilt

The backing and front of my Hope quilt, face to face getting ready for batting.

I sewed a backing for my “Hope” Quilt today.  Just two pieces of fabric that were perfect together and worked so well with the front of the quilt.

After trimming the backing to the size of the front of the quilt, I lay batting on top of them and trim and pin that.  I used up the last of my big roll of batting so now it’s time to get more.  I look scroll around online to get the best deal on it I can find.  I always seem to find something if I keep looking.

The back of my Hope Quilt

Then I sew the three layeres together.  Here’s it is hanging in my studio ready for tacking.

One thought on “Backing my “Hope” Quilt

  1. Stunning. This will be a treasure for someone. I see four of the five universal shapes (circle, square, triangle, and equidistant cross). Do you sew it before you tack it? Just trying to understand how it hangs so well and to imagine how the edges are attached (can you tell that I don’t sew?).

    1. Thank you Donna. The edges are attached. I make the quilts just like I do my potholders. Not the traditional way of quilting, but this works for me. I have a lot of practice getting it so it it falls right.

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