My “Hope” Quilt, All Done

“Hope” and Fate

I tied the last knot on my “Hope” quilt this afternoon after getting an email from Kathleen asking if it was still for sale.

“Hope” has been my “word” for years now with deep meaning for my life.” Kathleen wrote me.

Once again I’m struck by how when I’m making a piece of art, even though I’m not aware of it, it seems as if I’m making it specifically for someone who is reading my blog and watching the process unfold.

I have no doubt that I was making this quilt for Kathleen.

But this quilt is really a collaboration.  It wouldn’t exist with Emily’s paintings which inspired, not only the quilt but the name, that word “hope” which has great meaning for Kathleen.

Emily Gold’s hand-painted “hope” on linen.  You can see and buy more of Emily’s art here on her website 

It’s also a collaboration with the women, who I don’t know, that made the quilt squares I used all those years ago.  I see that quilt circle on the bottom as a wheel eternally turning, like hope itself.

The back of my “Hope” quilt.

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