Offerings From The Spring Earth

The little metal fence stuck in the Rosa Multiflora.

It was over a year ago that the dead tree fell on the fence in the far corner of the south pasture.  But even though the tree was on the fence, there were so many brambles the sheep and donkeys couldn’t get through it.

Yesterday we had someone come and cut up the tree for firewood and repair the fence.  It was when I went to look at the work Mike did that I saw the little metal fence with a  Rosa Multiflora growing through it.

The fence was a little rusty, but otherwise in good shape.  It’s like the ones I use in the beginning of the growing season to keep the hens out of my gardens.  Only it looked older, sturdier, and had more character.

It was obviously a part of one of those garbage dumps that are often on old farms, revealed beneath the decaying leaves by the melting snow and spring rain.   I picked up a broken flowerpot to throw away but left the rest of the garbage for another day.

This morning I took the clippers and freed the little fence as the thorns from the sticker bush grabbed at my clothes.  There were two sections of fence about ten feet long total.  I straightened the bent legs that stick into the ground as I walked back to the barn.

I’ll be using the fence soon enough.

On Saturday I noticed the hens did some “raking” while looking for insects in the Backporch Garden exposing green shoots.  So on Sunday, even though I know it’s still early in the season, I finished the job.

Yesterday I saw that my Naked Ladies had popped up seemingly overnight.

My Naked Ladies

They get nice and green this time of year, but only flower in the fall.  They were here when we bought the farm, an old and hardy plant.

Today the soft green buds on the Lilac greeted me on the way back to the house.

The earth is pushing up all kinds of things this time of year.

Lilac buds taken with my macro lens.

One thought on “Offerings From The Spring Earth

  1. Hope and anticipation, Spring is. And wonder. And faith affirmed. But mostly beauty and life. April is my favorite month.

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