“Katz On Dogs”, Jon’s New Radio Show Airs Tonight

I found an egg this morning in the little shelter I made from hay bales in the barn.

In a little while, Jon will leave for the radio station in Bennington Vermont where he’ll start his new radio show Katz on Dogs.

It’s a call-in show like his last two radio shows have been.  So if you have any questions about your dog or even cat or donkey, you can give Jon a call tonight between 6 and 7pm EDT at 802 442-1010.  You can also email Jon your questions at [email protected].

You can stream the show on apps like Tunein.com or Iheart.com: search for WBTMAM.org.

Last time Jon had a radio show I would call in and we’d talk animals for a while.  I’d love to do that again, but I won’t even be listening tonight because I’ll be in my Bellydancing class.

Luckily Jon’s show isn’t going to continue airing at this time. Next week it will move to a different time, I think in the afternoon.

I’ll miss hearing his first show.  Jon’s been doing a lot of research for it and has a bag full of printouts,  books with post-its, and his scribbled notes.

This morning when I found the second egg in a nest in the hay bales, I took it as a good sign that Jon would get lots of people calling in and the show would go well.

But Jon doesn’t really need signs from the universe when it comes to his work.

He makes his own good luck, by loving what he does, being determined and persistent, and doing it well.

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