Making Kitchenware Potholders

Ten Kitchenware Potholders

Back from our Pedicure, I went right to my studio and began designing my new Kitchenware Potholders.

What fun that was.  A pure delight!

I think both teapots and one teacup is already sold, but the rest will be going into my Etsy Shop sometime next week after I finish making them into potholders.

Wish I had more of these little faded silhouettes so I could make more.  But the upside is, now I get to figure out another new potholder to make.

Although I don’t remember who gave me the red and white clover fabric I used in this potholder, I do remember the wonderful story about it.

The woman who sent it had to bring fabric to school to make an apron.  Her mother gave her the red and white fabric which came from a flour sack.  She was embarrassed because all the other girls had special fabric they bought just to make their apron.

She told me she didn’t do a very good job and it was the last thing she sewed.

But I loved her apron and the fabric as much as I loved her story.

4 thoughts on “Making Kitchenware Potholders

  1. I believe this is the potholder I just ordered from you, and knowing the story of it’s origin brought back my own memories of making that same apron! Mine was gingham and introduced a lifetime of sewing for pleasure!

  2. My mom and grandmother sewed clothing out of flour sacks. My grandmother made all her dresses and aprons from the flour sacks. My mom made all my clothes from the beginning from flour sacks. I had some very pretty dresses that mom made and I had three younger sisters that used them after me. My mom is now 94 and in the nursing home. She still remembers sewing all the things for us.

    1. I’m very ignorant about sewing from flour sacks Deena. Thank you for sharing your story about your mother and grandmother. It sounds like the flour sacks were really durable which makes sense. I’m trying to imagine your dresses. I’m going to look online for photos. 🙂

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