Minnie’s Egg

The rain turned to snow as I pulled at the hay fluffing it up in the feeder. The sheep and donkeys, still in their winter coats, didn’t seem to notice.
April snow doesn’t last and by the time I went back to the barn to get hay for Lori and Robin it had turned to rain again.
Even with the cold and wet weather  the cats no longer show any interest in coming in the house. They’ll stay outside now until the winter.
They know where the  warm dry places are. And for the first time I found Minnie in the little hay cave I made in the fall. The same place I found an egg just yesterday.
Minnie has always been friends to the chickens. At old Bedlam Farm she slept in the roosting boxes and sat next  to Jon’s rooster Winston, when he was dying.
Yesterday’s long pale pink egg was unusual for our hens who always laid big brown eggs. I’ve known Minnie to sit on eggs before so I reached under her as I would a hen and pulled out another long pink egg.
I scratched Minnies ears and thanked her.

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