Post Office And Paperwork

Fate going to the post office with me

It was a shipping and paperwork day for me.  And now that it’s all done, it feels really good.

My email which had piled up is almost up to date.  And fourteen of the fifteen Robin on the Haybale potholders are in the mail on the way to their new homes.

I finished up my March paperwork so it’s ready for my bookkeeper Anne and caught up to date on April.

I made a few phone calls and paid some bills. Feels good to be all caught up, even if it only lasts a day or so.

I’m never comfortable when I have people’s money for more than a couple of days and haven’t sent out whatever it is they bought from me.

Tomorrow I hope to get into my studio first thing in the morning, pull out my new sewing machine and introduce myself.  Maybe working on a few potholders is a good way to get started.

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