Making Some Potholders With My New Sewing Machine

The potholders I made today

I’m loving my new sewing machine.  I took a bag of scraps that Hannah sent me and started sewing potholders.

The day was filled with interruptions but I was able to get some made in between it all.  And now I’m beat from Bellydancing so I’m  off to bed.

2 thoughts on “Making Some Potholders With My New Sewing Machine

  1. They look great, wonderful that even the tiniest pieces have a place. I was just taking photos of new buds on the willows around our pond yesterday, and there’s the matching fabric in a potholder! Glad the new sewing machine is working out so well for you.

    1. I love that willow fabric Hannah. I used it once before to make a potholder. Now it has even more meaning for me. I made some more potholders using your scraps today. My new machine is good at sewing tiny pieces of fabric, which my old machine wasn’t good at.

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