On The Radio Again. I’ll Be Calling Into Jon’s Radio Show This Afternoon


Our podcast Katz and Wulf on Bedlam Farm was inspired by Jon’s radio show.   I started calling into the show and we’d talk mostly about the animals on the farm, but sometimes about animals in general.

Now that Jon’s back on the Radio with his show Katz on Dogs from 2-3pm EST,  I’ll be calling in this afternoon during the show again.

You can call in too at 802 442- 1010 with your questions about dogs or just listen by clicking on WBTNAM.org and then on  “live” at the top of the page.   You can also hear the broadcast from anywhere in America by using the APP tunein.com. 

This morning Jon and I were talking about his blog post from yesterday What Is Animal Intelligence?  We’re sure to carry on the conversation this afternoon on the radio. I’m interested in the idea of what an animal learns and what is instinct and if that isn’t a better way to measure their intelligence.

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