Fabric Scraps And Feed Bags

Blue Morpho Butterfly Potholder made from some of Hannah’s fabric scraps.

I feel like my new sewing machine talks to me.  “Let’s get to work,” she says.  She’s practical and eager.

I always had a hard time sewing small pieces of fabric together on my Viking.   If I started too close to the edge of the fabric, the needle would push the fabric into the bobbin case, or feed dogs wouldn’t pull it along.

But my Janome Sewist is up for anything.  Now working with the small scraps of fabric that Hannah sent me is a pleasure.

The fifteen potholders I made with Hannah’s scraps

I made a bunch more potholders today and plan on finishing up the Kitchenware  Potholders I designed last week tomorrow.  I’ll put them up for sale in my Etsy Shop in the afternoon (I don’t like not having any potholders in my Etsy Shop) and work on these new potholders next week.

Hannah sent me some pictures of the shopping bags she made from the feed bags I sent her.  They’re for sale at “The Rusty Button Shop” in East Aurora NY.   Hannah also has a couple of shopping bags for sale on the Whispering Pines Farm Website.

I think it a lovely exchange of fabric scraps and feed bags.

A Shopping Bag that Hannah made from one of the birdseed bags I sent her.

3 thoughts on “Fabric Scraps And Feed Bags

  1. I love how colorful and happy your potholders are! I’m glad you are having fun with your new machine, I tend to feel like a kid with a new toy when I’m using my new sewing machine. It’s wonderful to figure out new things! Happy sewing Maria, your art is beautiful and inspiring!

    1. Thanks Josie, I guess how much fun I’m having comes through in the potholders. It is a great feeling to have a new tool and it works even better than I imagined.

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