New Chicks For Bedlam Farm

You can see by White Hen’s feet that she’s been scratching around in the dirt, finding good things to eat.  Both hens have pretty much abandoned the laying mash I feed them preferring live insects and those tender sprouts that are shooting up from the ground.

This morning I found a big juicy tick on the porch that must have fallen off one of the cats. Brown Hen was just a few feet away and I tossed the tick to her.  She plucking it up like the treat it was.

In a couple of weeks, we’ll be getting a couple of chicks.  Two Brahma chicks, like White Hen.  We decided to get Brahams because they’re bred for the colder climates and do well during our winters.

We’ve been getting an egg a day and the hens are once again laying in the coop.

Jon and I have begun thinking about making a place in the barn for the chicks.  Robin no longer needs the heat lamps, he already has a nice layer of wool on him so I’ll be able to use them for the chicks since it still gets cold some nights.

When we got White Hen and Brown Hen, I purposely didn’t name them because our chickens didn’t tend to live too long and I didn’t want to get too attached to them.  But these two are seven years old already and still doing well.

So I’m thinking it might be fun to get closer to the new chick, to train them to eat from my hand or come when I call them.

It was Jon’s idea to get chicks.  We didn’t know when we ordered them that we’d also have a new lamb.  But it feels like a good year to have some new life on the farm.

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  1. My cousin named her four hens after our great aunts. These chickens came when she called them and they also would eat grain out of her hand. So it is possible:)

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