I Am Enough Dish Soap Reminder

My I Am Enough tape on my dish soap

“…Just throw away all thoughts of imaginary things, and stand firm in that which you are.”

I started putting my own stickers on my dish soap bottles when our Co-op began carrying bulk liquid soap.

I think I got used to having a label I liked to look at when  Dawn dish soap started putting pictures of birds on their labels, after the Exxon Valdes Oil Spill.  (Dawn soap was used to help clean the oil off some of the birds caught in the spill).

But the bottles of dish soap I saved to refill didn’t have ducks on their label.  And the label was so big on one of the bottles that my stickers wouldn’t cover it.  So I cut a piece of my I Am Enough packing tape and stuck it on the bottle.

Now whenever I do the dishes, I’ll be reminded that I Am Enough.

My I Am Enough Tape on a box I sent out.  I also have Show Your Soul packing tape.



2 thoughts on “I Am Enough Dish Soap Reminder

  1. I love it! On a side note, my granddaughter Samantha went back to school in person this week. Their school district finally opened for the first time in a year. She texted me a pic of her I Am Enough magnet in her locker. It made me smile.

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