Robin Grazing With The Flock

Althought the grass isn’t really long enough for the sheep to graze on all day, we let them into the south pasture for a couple of hours today.  And we let Robin and Lori out with the rest of the flock and the donkeys.

The last time we let Robin out with the other sheep, Liam gave Robin a head bump that knocked him over.  After that Robin learned to get out of the way of any of the older sheep and the donkeys if they came at him with their head down.

Today after watching them for a while, Jon and I  could see that the rest of the sheep paid little attention to Robin.  And after an initial look from Fanny and Lulu, with their ears up, they too focused on grazing.

Robin seemed a little confused at frist about exactly how to eat the grass, but he figured it out quickly.

When it was time to feed the animals, they all ran back to the barnyard together, including Robin.   But he couldn’t quite grasp eating hay with the rest of the sheep even though I put some on the ground for him.

He seemed agitated, looking for Lori, although she was right next him.  So I let the two of them back into the stall and fed them separately.  Robin ate hardily and for the first time I saw him drink water from the bucket.

That means he really doesn’t need to nurse any longer, although he still will, and as soon as the grass is long enough for grazing and we can stop feeding hay, he’ll be ready to be out all the time with the rest of the animals.

It’s supposed to rain next week, so between that and some sunshine, hopefully, the grass will be up in a week or so.

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